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    Kelvin Grove Middle School   808 Adams St.  Lockport , IL 60441           Tel: 815-838-0737  Fax: 815-834-4339     
Milne Grove Elementary School   565 E. 7th St.   Lockport , IL 60441      Tel: 815-838-0542  Fax: 815-838-6893
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Milne Grove 
Student~Parent~Teacher Handbook

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Kelvin Grove
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Milne-Kelvin Grove (Lockport Elementary) School District 91 is a suburban Will County school district located in Lockport, Illinois.

Milne Grove houses students from kindergarten through third grade, while Kelvin Grove houses students in grades four through eight. Both schools are neighborhood schools with all students being able to walk to school.

The community is close knit with a great deal of parental support for both schools. Many of our parents attended school here themselves and have returned to raise their families here as well.

Students in grades kindergarten through fifth are basically self-contained while our sixth through eighth graders participate in a middle school concept. At the middle school, we have utilized a block schedule with common grade-level team planning time.

The District has a history of working with local school and community groups to articulate school and community values and improve conditions for all students and community members.

District 91 is a member of the Lockport Area Consortium of Schools composed of Lockport Township High School and its seven feeder districts. Both administrative and teacher representatives meet on a regular basis. The District is also a member of the Lockport Area Special Education Cooperative which serves the above listed districts. District 91 is a member in good standing of RAILS: Reaching Across Illinois Library System.

City of Lockport Information

Want to see more about Lockport, Illinois?  Click HERE and visit the City of Lockport's official web site.

Flyers for School?
Please review Board Policy 8:25 below and add the required language to any flyers you want to submit to District 91 schools:

"Pursuant to policy 8:25, written materials to be distributed or displayed must comply with the following guidelines:

a. The materials must be related to student-oriented activities or events (i.e., activities or events directed to students' interests or involvement).

b. The materials must contain the following provision at the top of each page of the materials, in type that is 11-point or larger:

This group/activity/event [as applicable] is sponsored by [name of the non-school organization]. This organization is not affiliated with District 91, and District 91 does not sponsor or endorse this organization or its activities. This flyer has been made available to students pursuant to the District's policy governing the distribution of written materials from non-school organizations.

c. The materials may not contain any words, pictures or other items that would: disrupt the educational process; violate the rights or invade the privacy of others; infringe on a copyright; or constitute obscene, vulgar or indecent content.


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Kelvin Grove Middle School   808 Adams St.  Lockport , IL 60441          Tel: 815-838-0737  Fax: 815-834-4339
Milne Grove Elementary School   565 E. 7th St.   Lockport , IL 60441     Tel: 815-838-0542  Fax: 815-838-6893

Donna J. Gray
Milne-Kelvin Grove District 91
808 Adams Street
Lockport, IL 60441

E-mail:  dgray@d91.net

John R. Jennings II
Kelvin Grove Middle School
808 Adams Street
Lockport, IL 60441

E-mail: jjennings@d91.net

Jaime Koziol
Milne Grove Elementary School
565 E. 7th Street
Lockport, IL 60441


Larry Spencer
Special Ed. Administrator
Milne-Kelvin Grove District 91
808 Adams Street
Lockport, IL 60441


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